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How to Change Your Eating Habits

It's always a challenge to change our current way of eating. Work, school, family, activities, hobbies, and EVERYTHING else tend to have priority over our wellness which includes our eating habits. Countless times I've heard how working long hours is the culprit for weight gain or feelings of guilt. It happens! The positive is that with a little help from ourselves, we can make better choices by simply taking a few minutes.

I'm all about quick and easy particularly when meal prepping. Certain meals may take slightly longer to put together but time will be saved when you most need it. Easy breakfast meals include overnight oats where you add the same about of quick oats to liquid top with your favorite fruit, nuts or nut butter, Greek yogurt, and chia seeds, followed by some additional milk. Chia pudding also makes for a quick breakfast as it, too, can be premade the day before. Lastly, I love making a batch of banana waffles in a mini waffle maker and freeze in a silicone bag. Taking them out to toast is incredibly easy.

These simple breakfast ideas may sound too easy but it's when you least expect where you realize you fell off the wagon. It's okay! All that is needed is a little motivation and it begins simply by STARTING. Baby steps, friend. Baby steps.

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